Noreen Kelly, a Navajo elder, stands before an ornate backdrop. She wears a shawl, earrings and glasses.

Noreen Kelly

State Senate District 4

Noreen Kelly is a Navajo elder, who has been leading her community for decades. Noreen is a Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Counselor, who has worked extensively toward access for services and resources in McKinley County. Noreen grew up in rural McKinley County, and has spent her life advocating for her families and their communities. Noreen has educated State Legislators and advocated for food sovereignty, access to health care and especially reproductive health care. As a State Senator Noreen will work to bring resources and infrastructure to McKinley County. She will champion increasing access to health care, including reproductive health care and mental health care. Noreen Kelly is no stranger to tough fights, she championed the fight to repeal New Mexico’s outdated abortion ban in the 2019 Legislative Session. We know Noreen will work hard to repeal this old law when she is in the Legislature.


I have known Noreen Kelly for years. I know that she is the leader we deserve because she will listen to what we need. I'm excited to work with Noreen when she becomes Senator to help our families thrive in McKinley county.
Althea Yazzie, Community Leader with FTA, Twin Lakes, NM
Noreen Kelly is a proven leader in McKinley county. Forward Together Action will work hard to help Noreen win because we know she will work hard in the Legislature to ensure our families have the rights, recognition and resources to thrive.
Adriann Barboa, Forward Together Action, New Mexico Policy Director


  • Environmental Justice — protecting our communities, our land and our water from toxic industry that could damage our ability to live healthy full lives
  • Health Care Access — bringing resources to McKinley County to increase access to health care, including mental health care and reproductive health care–because she knows these are the resources we need to thrive.
  • Representing the people — because McKinley County deserves to be represented by someone who is engaged in the community, has strong relationships on tribal land and will be a voice for so many of us who have been excluded from the political conversations.

Election Day is Tuesday, June 2, 2020

You can register to vote any time up to the Saturday before Election Day. (From NM SOS site: Same-Day Voter Registration: If you wish to register to vote or update your existing registration you can do so only at your County Clerk’s office until the Saturday before the Election. (Section 1-4-5.7 NMSA 1978).)

The safest way to get your absentee ballot counted is to turn it in in-person on May 29, 30, 31 or Tuesday, June 2 to a polling place. Election Day polling sites will still be open for in person voting Tuesday June 2, 7am – 7pm.  Please protect your self and your community by wearing a mask if able and keeping 6 feet away from other people.

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