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Forward Together Action (FTA) evaluates how existing power structures help or harm our families. FTA then pushes for the changes needed to create systems that serve all of us. We build political power that uplifts the leadership of women of color, gender nonconforming people, and Indigenous communities. FTA holds elected officials accountable to ensure that all of our families get the support they need to thrive. We also support leaders and legislators who share our commitment to strong families.

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2021 Oregon Legislative Agenda

Our 2021 Legislative Agenda:

  • Improve maternal health outcomes for Black and Native Oregonians
  • Pass the CROWN Act in Oregon
  • Ensure better data equity through the Voter Access Act

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Oregon needs the CROWN Act

The CROWN Act (HB 2935) prohibits discrimination based on race-based hairstyles by extending statutory protection to hair texture and protective styles such as braids, locs, twists, and knots in the workplace and public schools.

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Our 2020-2021 Policy Agenda

  • Improve maternal health outcomes for Black and Native Oregonians
  • Increase access to life saving HIV prevention medication
  • Build a judicial system that treats Oregonians fairly
  • Pass the CROWN Act and eliminate hair discrimination for Black Oregonians


Khanh Pham, a Vietnamese-American woman smiles at the camera. She wears a sweater and has shoulder length hair.

Khanh Pham

House District 46

“I am deeply honored to received Forward Together Action’s first endorsement. Forward Together’s strategic and visionary organizing, communications, and cultural work is a model for me of how we need to approach social change work. I will still be a community organizer when I’m in office, and I look forward to working with FTA as a state Legislator.”

—Khanh Pham

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Civic participation means getting everyday folks involved in the decisions that affect our families and communities.

Election season is an especially important time for us to speak up. If you are eligible to vote, use the tools below from to check your registration status and register to vote.