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About Us

Forward Together Action (FTA) organizes our communities to build power so all families can thrive. FTA evaluates how existing power structures help or harm our families and pushes for the changes needed to create systems that serve all of us.

FTA builds political power that uplifts the leadership of women of color, nonbinary people and Indigenous communities. FTA holds elected officials accountable to ensure all our families get the support they need to thrive and support leaders and legislators who share our commitment to strong families.

We know that when women of color, nonbinary people and Indigenous communities lead and lawmakers listen, we all win.

Forward Together Action’s Values:

  • Community: Forward Together Action leaders determine the direction of our advocacy and are front and center in delivering the message. We know our communities have the knowledge and are doing the work to help their communities thrive.
  • Positivity: While others thrive by “attacking” the opposition, Forward Together Action understands that communities are looking for leadership that inspires us to see a bright future.
  • Honesty: Our leaders trust us to tell them the unabashed truth about what is happening in halls of power. We know many of our hikes are uphill, but we are just the right people to scale these mountains.
  • Unapologetic: We don’t compromise when it comes to centering our community and living our values. We collaborate, but not at the cost of our communities or what we know is right.
Forward Together Action

Building Power for Strong Families

Civic participation means getting everyday folks involved in the decisions that affect our families and communities.

Election season is an especially important time for us to speak up. If you are eligible to vote, use the tools below from to check your registration status and register to vote.