Statement of Endorsement for Adriann Barboa

May 19, 2020

At Forward Together Action, we believe in lifting up the resilience of our communities. Adriann Barboa is someone who is truly community-centered and the story of her work and life is one of resilience. She inspires others to see a brighter future.

In our policy and electoral work, we reveal the ways that our communities, communities of color, Indigenous communities, queer people, and trans and non-binary people, are impacted by systems of oppression at greater rates. This includes over-policing and criminalizing these communities. For this reason, we are compelled to point out that the tactics of Adrian Carver, a candidate for Bernalillo County Commission, toward Adriann Barboa feed into the racist attacks on queer women of color that we see in candidate campaigns and in our daily lives. Many voters in the district received a piece of mail that highlighted, and characterized incidents in Adriann’s past, and many of these voters have similar experiences they don’t need to see demonized in a political campaign.

We are proud to endorse Adriann Barboa, who has been a leader in New Mexico and in our communities for decades. We know Adriann will bring the kind of leadership our communities need to the Bernalillo County Commission. Her leadership will bring others along and she aims to inspire the best in us. Her leadership is grounded in community, in honesty, and in boldness. Adriann lives the values of Forward Together Action, and our communities.